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Senior Interface Programmer

  • Ref: 309124
  • Type: Direct Hire
  • Location: Las Vegas, NV
  • Industry: Healthcare
  • Job Level: Senior
  • Pay: $100,000.00 - 120,000.00

Opportunity Description

Provides technical lead and subject matter expertise in hospital systems programming support. Converts business requirements into program specifications. Analyzes the impact of proposed solutions on business applications. Develops, implements, and maintains application systems and programs. Ensures satisfactory functioning through testing, analysis of results, and correction of deficiencies according to business requirements. Provides application assistance to support, technical, and operation areas. 

Strong background in a healthcare facility and experience building and managing Interface engines - Corepoint or Cloverleaf is a must.

Must be Onsite - You have to reside in the Great Las Vegas Metropolitan area.

Company Information

Large Academic Medical Center

Job Duties


Implementing, and supporting EMR Interface Engine - Cloverleaf or Corepoint.

Knowledge of Programming languages such as C++, Visual Basic, RPG, and other generative and contemporary languages; structured programming methodology; database design methods and support utilities; computer programming, data modeling, and object-oriented programming procedures and techniques; batch and online applications techniques; operating principles and characteristics of various computers and associated hardware; job planning, project planning, and management; prioritizing and scheduling techniques; department and hospital safety practice and procedures; patient rights; age-specific patient care practices; infection control policies and practices; handling, storage, use and disposal of hazardous materials; department and hospital emergency response policies and procedures.

Experience & Skills Required


Experience building, implementing and supporting EMR Interface Engines - Cloverleaf or Corepoint a plus.

Preparing detailed written instructions and documentation; analyzing instructions and data; converting specifications to computer language; gather and analyze facts, define problems, and devise solutions; programming procedures and techniques in the implementation of computer programs; developing logical procedures and coding their steps into programming instructions and developing tests to validate program design; troubleshooting hardware and software problems and debugging programs and applications; preparing clear and concise program documentation, customer procedures, reports of work performed and other written material; Instructing customer in the operation of new or revised computer applications; establishing and maintaining effective working relationships with all personnel contacted in the course of duties; communicating effectively in oral and written form; using computers and related software applications; communicating with a wide variety of people from diverse socio-economic and ethnic backgrounds; establishing and maintaining effective working relationships with all personnel contacted in the course of duties; efficient, effective and safe use of equipment.


Cloverleaf and Corepoint Certification


C++, Visual Basic, RPG


Competitive Salary and benefits, free parking

Onsite - a must


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