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Lead Data Governance Analyst

  • Ref: 307940
  • Type: Option-to-Hire
  • Location: Queens, NY
  • Industry: Healthcare
  • Job Level: Junior
  • Pay: $55.00 - 60.00

Opportunity Description

Data Governance Analyst

Our client is Health System, based in Bayside Queens, NY is seeking a highly skilled and experienced Data Governance Analyst who will play a pivotal role on our Data Team in improving the integrity, security, and quality of data assets, and in extracting valuable insights that will facilitate informed decision-making.


Must be vaccinated against COVID-19.

Will not relocate

Company Information

Well renowned Children's Hospital and Rehabilitation organization.

Job Duties

Roles and Responsibilities

Help develop and implement a data governance strategy and framework including data policies, standards, and best practices, adapting it to evolving business needs and industry standards.


Perform and drive data quality initiatives, including data profiling, cleansing, and validation processes, to establish and maintain accuracy and consistency.


Collaborate with cross-functional teams, including IT, legal, compliance, and business units, to align data with governance objectives.


Categorize and classify data assets based on sensitivity and implement data security measures to protect against unauthorized access and breaches.


Develop and maintain a data catalog with comprehensive metadata to facilitate discovery and lineage tracking.


Perform data analysis tasks, including data cleansing, transformation, and visualization, to support and execute data governance initiatives.

Extract valuable insights from data sets to inform decision-making, identify trends, and solve complex business problems related to data governance needs.


Bachelor's degree
5+ years in data governance and/or data analysis roles.
2+ years in Healthcare

2+ years of project management experience preferred

Strong communication and relationship-building skills
Analytical mindset and attention to detail

Experience & Skills Required


Technical Requirements

- Strong knowledge of data analysis tools (e.g., Python, R, SQL) for extracting insights from data.
- Experience with data visualization tools (e.g., Tableau, Power BI) for creating informative dashboards.
- Knowledge of statistical analysis and data modeling techniques.
- Familiarity with data warehousing and ETL processes.
- Ability to work with large datasets and databases.
- Knowledge of data governance and data management best practices.
- Strong problem-solving skills.



Python, SQL , Power BI


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